Courage is a strange attribute to have as it can be gained and lost by drinking. It’s what we have in an ample amount when you do the things that are scariest to you but also the most meaningful. By this I mean when we first ask our partner to be ours, when we get a new job, house, car. Anything new can be fraught with so many emotions that it can be difficult to process. Hence the debate at weddings of why are you crying? They are tears of joy is usually the response because we are so filled up that we cannot contain ourselves anymore. I know I experienced this on my wedding day as will many others in the future.

It is these defining moments that prepare us to face the world ahead of us and give us that all important courage. It is this strength that empowers us to cope with the hardships that come our way. Many of these are unforeseen as we live in a constant state of flux.

So I wish to remind you that not only soldiers at war or people who are drinking have courage; everyone does. It just may be difficult to find where it is located and to access it. It is always there though.

That’s another positive vignette for you all to think about with the hope that you will go forth with a spring in your step from now on. The world is never as bad as you think it is and neither is your life.


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