This is a very streamlined image as it is focused on the horizon, the sun is setting, the sea is relatively calm and the sky is clear. This focus includes darkness as well as light and is a good metaphor for life. We need to strip away the excesses that we create for ourselves in life to get back to what is really important. This can be extended to absolutely any task for this is what creates indecision. Too much choice makes us paralysed as we don’t know know which way to turn and what is the best option. There is only so much thinking and analysis that you can perform before you reach a state of burn out. In order to prevent this, you need to cut back and stop pretending your superhuman.

Well all tend to do this when we are younger and we’re discovering what is going to occupy our adult lives. It’s only when we stop for a moment that we tend to notice how busy our lives have become and a change is necessary to preserve our wellbeing. A couple of metaphorical steps back can do wonders for our clarity of mind and give us a whole new viewpoint. With this new compass setting, it allows ourselves to reorientate towards a new destination. This may be a new job, partner, town or even just a new hobby. This re-energisization allows vitality to resume in your body and you will hopefully find that life is much more pleasurable than before.

I hope you enjoyed this post and I look forward to your comments.


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