Being consistent is extremely important when writing because your writing style is a reflection of yourself. This is a difficult thing to achieve if you have a mind that is always in a million different places like mine. The world can also make us think of a billion different reactions to situations that has occurred to us recently. When you add in what seems to be the trillions of tasks we want/need to accomplish each day; doing anything in a routine manner seems impossible.

Therefore I would like to propose the idea that you write to a single person. It doesn’t matter who this is or even if they exist. Its just this idea will help you to maintain a narrowness in your speech. If you imagine each post to be a letter or a conversation with them; then you will keep things polished with a beginning, a middle and an end. You can be informal if you like but still make it readable.

I have always struggled greatly with creative writing, stories but also extremely formal letters to unknown employers. These always felt forced and considering there are so many templates out there, is it any wonder that I’ve never been in formal employment. I like being self employed as it suits my erratic and eccentric nature. I ironically can also be extraordinarily predictable. This irritates me that I’m so Jekyll and Hyde at times but it’s part of my personality. Learn to love your quirks. It will lead to a more productive and fulfilling life where you will be happier.

I hope my endeavours allow you to lead a better life by accepting yourself for who you are.


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