Going back to your roots

By this I mean that we quite choose a career in our teens that we think we are suited to based on what we like then and the current strengths and qualities we have then. It’s when we have the most time and energy to occupy ourselves with so what we study gives us quite an insight into our future path. Quite frequently we will diverge from this path as we think that it’s not the area we want to be in anymore or we wish to explore something new and exciting which we couldn’t have done earlier. After we have finished with this little sojourn we find that we are not as fulfilled as we thought we would be. So we go back to what we trained in as we no longer have the time to skill ourselves up sufficiently in anything else as we now have many more demands on our time. I think this is happening a lot because of our changing world and the fact that we just can’t keep up like we used to be able to. I just read a fascinating article about content curation and the amount of material that is around nowadays is astonishing. Nobody could ever process those numbers even if that was the only thing you ever did in life. I also read an article that talked about every artists worse fear – lack or original thought and content. Even the ancient Greeks knew that all plays centre on approximately 7 plots. Stoic wisdom is very useful as pretty much everything has already occurred to humanity before in pretty much every conceivable way. They developed a way to overcome every obstacle. So don’t worry that your not good enough or that nothing you ever do is going to matter. It’s matters to you and to those that love and care for you.

With love


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