Meme culture

In an effort to understand how things go viral I just watched How to go viral: The art of the meme with Richard Clay.

It show cases that is really is a thing that has been adopted and adapted by the teens and 20 somethings of this world. Now I’m not that old (I’m only 34) but if I talk to my 23 year old mate with his friends, I’m completely lost (Bandersnatch?). If however, I talk to geeky friends who are just a couple years older say 25; while it’s difficult as they are still to properly experience life. I can get along with them (Southpark etc). Strangely I can talk to the same 23 year old about anything (literally) in the entire world for ages and I love it. Yet introduce alcohol and it’s a whole different ball game. I don’t quite get why this makes such a gulf between us as we have similar backgrounds, family, education etc We were even born on the same day!

I was at the forefront of the internet when I was a teen and I spent many hours chatting with our own abbreviations that we lost each time we updated our computers. This happened a lot over the years. We eventually settled down to write normally as we didn’t need the distraction of gifs and we had the ability to write correctly now. This was before emoji and at the very beginnings of emoticons. I’m sounding so old now but sometimes I totally feel that way. I wasn’t around for Unix etc as that was before my time but there is always going an era that I don’t understand before me. Now though there are going to be epochs that I don’t understand as there after me???

Have you come across anything similar and how did you deal with it as I’m needing some help here please!

With love


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