Steve Jobs

I have just watched Steve jobs: the billion dollar hippie. This show documents how Steve jobs went from a hippie raised in Silicon Valley making computers in his garage with Steve Wozniak to the visionary we all know.

This just goes to show that anyone can make it bring in life if you have enough drive. It helps if you meet the right people and make the right decisions but even if things don’t go your way like being fired from your own company; take the lesson and learn from it. If it’s meant to be you will end up back where you started but with a better mindset that enables your product to be better than anything before.

Life can throw some curve balls at you like cancer and it’s how you deal with that which really tests your mettle. I would like to say that complementary therapy, exercise and a vegan diet helps you cure cancer but it does not. It assists you to lead the healthiest life possible and for you to enjoy your life but the cancer only responds to the treatment whether it’s complete removal through surgery or annihilation through medication. For some like Steve Jobs may think they can best cancer with a positive mental attitude and that is part of the battle. But this is not the whole battle. As well as looking after your mind, you have to look after your body. If that means taking 5 pills a couple times a day, so be it. You will be better at the end of the day even though you might feel like shit during the process.

I know what it’s like to live with cancer as my husband has it. Also my aunt died of pancreatic cancer just like Steve Jobs did. I know what lack of treatment does to your body.

So please if you have a diagnosis of it, get the surgery, take the pills etc.

Best wishes


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