On making friends

This is a thing that is actually quite difficult because there are so many out there that will become your friend for what they can get from you like money, power etc.

People that work in sales regardless of whether it’s a bar, restaurant etc are there to make money and earn commissions. They will use all methods at their disposal so hugs, kisses, compliments, conversation, acting as a confidante… This does not stop them from being lovely people as after all they need to provide a friendly and welcoming atmosphere for you to feel relaxed in and for you to enjoy spending your time and money there. It is a business after all. Just don’t confuse the connection you may feel with friendship if you never see them outside of their workplace.

While this may seem unnecessarily harsh if your not aware of such things you can be used as a marketing tool without you even realising. It’s fine for you to spread awareness of a place that you have enjoyed but to excessively do it for long periods of time means you are being utilised as a free promotional tool. You need to remember your worth as a person not just a consumer.

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  1. ZADA says:

    What I think About this You know –

    This is the only way to find real friends,

    And the Rest are professionals who just apply psychological tricks to get what they want.

    But if you try – you can find good friends among them.

    Good and bads are everywhere.

    Thanks For Sharing!

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    1. Indeed good and bad are forever entwined and it’s up to us to separate the 2 where possible.

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      1. ZADA says:

        That’s Good – We have to care too much and some defence.


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