Why autistics really dislike people

I’ve been reading The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle and all of a sudden this epiphany came to me.

I don’t dislike people at all – I can’t deal with the emotional baggage and weight that everyone carries with them yet they are unaware of.

We can read the vibes of people and if your giving off a negative one we do not want to be around you. It zaps all of our energy you see and then we have to disappear to recharge. We are often empathetic so absorb all of the emotional information that is residing in and around you. It’s personally actually quite painful to suppress all of this information. Since we don’t how to deal with this it can cause our famous explosions.

Emotion is originally a Latin word meaning to disturb and that is most certainly what happens to us when we are overloaded with so much psychological and emotional baggage it prevents us from functioning.

Children are also capable of perceiving these emotional, mental and psychological auras and have meltdowns as a result of this. Hence, they are often very reluctant to hug others. It’s not just that you haven’t gained their trust its also you haven’t learnt to deal with your issues. Your light has been dimmed and a child recognises this. Children know a lot more than we give them credit for.

Picasso said that all children are artists it’s just that when we grow up we forget what every child knows. He had to spent his whole life learning how to draw again with the simplicity of a child. C S Lewis also commented that it was much more difficult to be an adult than it was to be a child.

Is it any wonder that Autistics of which I am one have difficulty integrating into society? We have an understanding of the higher realms of consciousness due to our unusual thought processes and quite a lot of them are spiritual in an effort to make sense of this seemingly otherworldly information.

The spiritual realm helps them to understand there place in the universe and there connection to the world. Autistic thinking is often criticised as primitive and childish but what if you viewed it through the prism of thought that allows you to appreciate the fact that they are wise in ways you can no longer appreciate.

When you were a child you understood nature, animals and that everything needed to live in harmony to survive. When we grow up we seem to lose this ability and live in a world of our own making that empties us of our humanity. We only live on holiday away from the adult world and reconnected with the world of children.

To an autistic this type of living seems like your all a bunch of absolute lunatics. We can’t comprehend why you would constantly want to do such things to yourself. You personally know there not real but you trick yourself into thinking this is how an adult lives. Get real as to be your most authentic self you need to go back to a much simpler existence.

It’s why many programs exist that promise to completely rejuvenate yourself when the power is in your hands all along. You just need find and awaken it.

Children bring great changes in us but they also represent the best in us. We need to remember to learn from them as well as them learning from us. It should be a 2 way conduit to benefit from there intuition. Take advantage of all the ways that children are changing your world and use this to your advantage to be the best version of yourself that you can be, but not just for them; for your self as well.

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