I realise I have been trying way too hard to learn the Greek language and while its there, I have very little actual need to speak it. This was just me trying to entertain myself, find a purpose in life and connect with others and their culture. The simplest questions are the hardest to answer

I have been going out more at night recently as it’s so hot! I need to broaden my horizons and meet new friends. Growth happens when you meet new people and it’s the easiest way to move forward. I have been too closeted for too long and this has been hampering my progress. Too much learning and not enough practice isn’t very good for progression as you get stuck in quagmires that you can’t get out of. Why autistics really dislike people The more you struggle, the deeper you fall.

I have been way too attached to the people I knew On making friends as it was comforting and I felt sheltered from the storms of life since they were too debilitating to me previously. I wasn’t secure enough in myself to again venture into deeper waters.

I have recently realised through reading The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle that quite a few of my problems were created my myself and some of the others were by others I had come into contact with and I had internalised them. When you remove this emotional baggage and then cut out/decrease time spent with those that were causing it you will feel so much better.

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