How busyness is killing you

The constant searching for attention, for something to do, for someone to see etc is a sign that you are unsatisfied with the current state of things in your life. My mother always says to me that I want too much out of life but what she really means is that I should be satisfied with what I have. To quote TLC from the famous song Waterfalls, “Don’t go chasing waterfalls, stick to the rivers and the lakes that you know.”

What I say is in order to stop your endless searching you need to find what really makes you happy. Chances are you already know what it is but you denying yourself the ability to practice this because it’s too far away, expensive, inconvenient etc. We use all of manner of excuses to prevent our own happiness because we think we need to do x,y or z as that is what society dictates and demands of us.

I went to a Buddhist meeting and the leader knew that I was conflicted without me saying so. When we have issues they can be quite obvious to others but invisible to ourselves. He helped me to identify the fact that I was thinking too much and that my mind was controlling me. While it’s true that it is necessary on some levels, the extent that it was in me was overwhelming and it was preventing me from living a harmonious life.

Most people reject what they don’t know or understand as hippy talk or the ramblings of a mad person. We shouldn’t be so quick to judge others. The saying “Never judge a book by its cover” has never been more true. We all need to seek inner peace and alignment for the sake of not only the planet but our own sanity as well.

Words and activities like Yoga, Pilates, Meditation and Mindfulness are very big right now for good reason. These are all things that you can use to reconnect with yourself and the world so that you can develop into what you are meant to become. We have the development of Life Coaches to assist us to remember what it was like to be a child when we were carefree before life happened. We also have such books as The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle to give us the correct mindset to take on the world. When we allow ourselves our hearts desires we radiate with positive energy and feel invincible. This attitude lasts a lot longer than the post sex glow you can sometimes see on people.

You have all you need within you to be happy. A child can do it but adults lose the knowledge. So in order to live the most fruitful life, you need to tap into this lost energy source. The world is your oyster after you have opened yourself up to the magnificence of the cosmos.

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