The start

As I’m being very reflective at the minute and understanding my life better than I ever have before I continue to look back to identify when my issues started.

The first time I remember encountering any problems was when my teacher was pregnant and it was the first time most of us had ever come across one so it was a new learning experience. I don’t deal particularly well with new but this was completely unknown at 10 years old. It was also about then that I had a neighbour that had autism too but he was quite severely autistic. He had classic autism with probably something else like Down’s syndrome. This doesn’t bode well for me as I think my mother intensified her efforts to get me to act normal and to protect me from here on in.

I certainly started to act weirder as puberty progressed but that’s not unusual as all kids go through the same kind of issues. Therefore, although autism may be present at birth and for some it’s visible quite early on; for me I don’t think it really showed until the hormones made it more obvious. Just not obvious enough for doctors to be able to diagnose it until I had a near fatal car accident at 17 and I need to completely rebuild my life from scratch.

I lost my mathematical ability but gained far more in terms of becoming more sociable. However, the conundrum is having being given an autism diagnosis I have a lot to take in and not knowing anyone with the condition means I don’t know what is normal and what is not anymore. Cue 17 years of me learning what it is to be me again as I was only just figuring it out last time before I got sent back to Go without my £200 as happens frequently in Monopoly and life. I think I’ve finally figured things out ready for the next milestone in my life whatever that may be.

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