The perils of the inactive mind

Our Minds are incredible. The thoughts that we are capable of and the things that can be created from those ideas are amazing. It is up to us to use that mental energy correctly because if we don’t put it to work then it will have its own side projects.

These are insidious little creatures that grow over time and if we are not careful they will take over our minds for their own benefits. This can be compared to our minds using Stockholm Syndrome on us as we are cooperating to allow this negativity to continue. These little programs have no expiry date and become ever more resource hungry until there is nothing left for them to take. This means that they have won and we cannot allow that to happen.

You have to fight back against the Mind and the Ego controlling your every move. Use moments like those created by sport or by unusual events that create bonds between unknown individuals. You may have been aware of this potential when you met your partner or when your first child was born.

For each of us the catalyst which starts the reaction is different but the result is the same – awareness of your higher power. Once you have achieved it then you can go on to help bring others on board to create a better world for all. The Utopia that is often talked about is possible even though it’s constantly derided because the rest of the world don’t believe that humanity is capable of achieving higher states of consciousness. Only by liberating ourselves from all of our past pain can we rise up and become all that we are meant to become.

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