Flow state

This is a state of being where the thoughts come thick and fast to the point you are struggling to write or type fast enough to enable you to jot them all down. This pouring of knowledge from your consciousness is cathartic and it allows progression to take place.

This is some of the best therapy that currently exists.

After the release of whatever tension was in you; a calm descends and new thoughts become present. If your sufficiently practised at meditation then no thoughts will enter your mind and you will feel at peace. This is what we are trying to attain here. Maximum awareness of the self but with minimum involvement from yourself.

Try it for yourself and you will see how much better you feel afterwards. Then the more you incorporate it into your life, the more aligned with the universe and at peace you will feel. We all want to reach our inner Nirvana and with some effort we can journey to our own personal Shan Gri La without the need for mind altering substances to take us there.

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