This is what we all want but we struggle to achieve. The reason for this is that happiness is a by product of us keeping ourselves occupied and away from negative thoughts. If happiness is the end goal then we will never achieve it like searching for the light at the end of a never ending tunnel.

Our happiest moments are when we are completely present in the Now. We are not thinking about the past or the future just enjoying the Now. If you think back to your personal happiest moments you will see that is completely true.

We need to Stop living for that holiday, that pay cheque or that promotion. These are all things to aspire to and worthy of your time but they shouldn’t control you. You need to make a distinction between what is necessary to be able to earn money to live and what you need to personally do to live after that money has been earned. If all you do is work what is the point in that if you never get chance to enjoy it?

We only get one life so we need to make the best of it and we do that by spending time with those that we love. Life is created by people not by money. Grab the most important things in our world and make the best person you can be. You might surprise yourself with what your actually capable of when free of fear, doubt and disbelief.

Neo was equally surprised in the Matrix of what his mind allowed him to do, hence when he reached his full potential, he become the One.

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