Why the rich are so and will remain that way

Since I wrote about the poor mindset I thought I would also write about the rich mindset.

The rich know about the importance of education so they make sure that there children enter the right schools and engage in lots of extra curricular activities. Allowing children access to a variety of activities at a young age means they will become more rounded individuals. Therefore they will be more employable or even come up with new ideas to revolutionise the world.

While the world we currently live in is still based quite heavily on who you know which is achieved through networking and socialisation; it is possible it will change to a more meritocratic society. However, due to the fact that the rich are far more educated and to a higher standard; this will still benefit them in the long run.

As technology improves and more mundane jobs are replaced by robots, the artists among us will be able to take advantage of the free time to be able to make stunning masterpieces never before seen. This revolution in working means that humans can be more human by doing tasks that machines are incapable of doing.

In the past only the rich could commission art work due to the exorbitant cost of the materials and the time involved to master these activities. Now with education moving forward from a fact based curriculum to a more creative one we will enable future artisans the space to make what others currently only dream of.

We are becoming a smaller, more integrated world by learning others languages, cultures and customs. This helps us to live in harmony better and to respect the earth. We only have one planet just like we only have one life and we need to respectful in our choices.

We are all rich in spirit and by learning about ourselves we can make more riches that will enhance our lives and those around us. It’s all about awareness of the possibilities that are present in the world. A positive mental attitude is crucial to make the most of every experience.

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