You have the power!

To change your own life beyond recognition. Whatever state your life is in right now is not the state it always needs to be in. If it’s good then fine but since your reading this that is unlikely. You have more power within yourself that you can even comprehend.

You can write that book, take that trip to Outer Mongolia, learn that language. Whatever your heart desires is possible if you open yourself up to the power that resides within you.

Time, Energy, Self control, Money, Attention these are all fields that are important in life that you need to learn how to use for what you want to get out of life. Everyone is different so they all have different priorities but it all comes back to how you use your Time, Energy, Money and Attention along with your Self Control to determine how quickly you can achieve your goals. A streamlined attitude in necessary otherwise the many distractions of life will compete, weigh you down and stop you from your finish line.

Time and Energy can’t be destroyed or created only changed from one form to another so they are infinite. Therefore you have enough to achieve your goals regardless of what they are. We just think we don’t have enough because we are not present in the Now. We are always thinking about the past or the present so this distracts our focus from where it needs to be. We have more time and energy than we know what to do with if we can organise our lives sufficiently. The universe usually gives children as the ultimate gift of us being supremely happy and present in that particular moment.

While Attention and Self Control are limited in that we are human but they can feel almost limitless if we run our lives correctly. Money is often limited but since it is an abstract concept, the world will never run out of it regardless of whether it is physical or digital. We can also always make more Money but we can’t create more Attention or Self Control.

So Time and Energy are forces of the universe, Attention and Self Control are our forces and Money is what rules the world. Which of these areas controls you the most and which of these would you like to have better control over?

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