A break from social media

I currently have been posting a lot less on social media than I usually do to see what effect it would have. Everyone I knew relied on my social media feeds to find out what I was doing without the need to contact me to find out this information. I used social media as a barrier because I knew people would want to know and I knew I didn’t really want to tell them so this was a half way house.

However, I became over reliant on this and it even stopped casual acquaintances asking as they would just refer to my profiles to find out. This meant there was no information to share if I happened to meet up with anyone and therefore no conversation. Without this exchange of information there is no connection. Without connection there is no deepening of friendship so you become isolated and lonely. This can become something darker if it takes hold of you and is allowed to persist unchecked for long periods of time.

They say misery loves company and it does but only the company of those in your same situation. It therefore grows and continues your negative thought patterns. What you need is precisely what you don’t want at times like these. Rays of sunshine both metaphorical and literal.

These are hard to find in the depths of winter and the dark time of your soul. Now I just borrowed a bit from Douglas Adams there but every now and then you need a little comedy and light entertainment in your life.

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