Oxytocin- the cuddle hormone

This seems to be a hormone lacking in autistics hence we have an over attachment to cuddly toys. We can be over affectionate too in wanting to hug a lot, stroke people’s hair or play with our own to compensate for the need to touch things.

This was brought to my attention by watching a YouTube video dating Nathan(Nathan Selove). There is actually 2 and a third called marrying Nathan. I wish they had carried on with some more. It also brought up some other interesting points like fidgeting in bed and stealing the covers. The same for not being able to settle to watch a movie or needing things to be in the right place. The schedule too. I however don’t need to control the remote and I don’t like the tv loud. It’s always quiet.

Have any oddities of your life been pointed out to you in a strange way?

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