How to make a decision

I have great difficulty with making decisions as there are always so many variables to quantify but feeling your emotions and expressing them is very cathartic.

It’s useful to know what is important to you, (your priorities) and then you can proceed with things. It doesn’t matter whenever this process requires you to cry which I do or to shout and scream which I also do occasionally.

Writing is helpful as an after (meta) activity as it helps to solidify the action that you have decided to take or not take as a result of a decision.

Painting or drawing is good for when you have resolved your ideas and for when the brain needs thinking time to process thoughts without you being involved. So metacognition or thinking about thinking.

TV is also good here as it absorbs your attention and your brain goes to work on issues you currently have in the background. You then get a solution as if by magic.

Moaning, complaining, worrying don’t get you anywhere and just rob you of your energy. So these are things to avoid where possible. If you catch yourself doing these things and I do watch out for these signs in my own behaviour; then you need to have a look as to how to remedy these problems.

Thoughts need to be developed into ideas and plans if they are to succeed but if they are negative they need to be squashed before they can affect your brain too much. Knowing which is which is crucial as that allows you to act accordingly.

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