If at first you don’t succeed, try, try and try again.

These are the first four attempts i did of this picture with the materials I had at the time that suited the composition. I believe there is acrylic, gouache, pastels and academy watercolour. Why I didn’t have my inktense then I don’t know. The pastel bottom left was my favourite but the top right reminded me of a series of Tahiti painting from a famous french artist. However I wasn’t ever entirely pleased with the results of any of these until today. It has what I’m calling a sunsetbow.

Many artists in the past have done many preparatory sketches to work out the colours, composition and proportion that each part should play. Sometimes they come together easily but mostly it takes many attempts.

These are ones that I’m currently working on. The first is in my new inktense collection of pencils and the second is ink. I’m still taking things too literally though and copying too much from the original. I need to abstract a bit more to put my own stamp on it.Here it does look like a firework display or a volcanic eruption but it’s just a very colourful sunset which is highly unusual for here.

On my other blog The English Introvert you will find about 3 posts worth of my art, along with a lot of my photography, links to my 7 books I have written and a great many posts about the history of Lefkada as well as my journey to learn the Greek language. It also details my struggle to learn Russian, Spanish, Italian, French but also being comfortable with myself and my own native language English. Being autistic is not easy especially when you are a girl. A further set back was after 17 years of learning who I was, I had a near fatal car accident and had to learn everything once again but my brain was different I bit like when Dr Who regenerates as he has the same body but everything else is different. I have now spent the past 17 years discovering who I am again so this my gratitude letter to say thank you for everyone who has helped me on the way with my recovery.

Since I have written 200 posts on my other blog and people tend to write special posts for these occasions I thought I would do that here. Also since I have been following a lot of mindfulness, spirituality and wellness sites on social media I thought it would be useful to give back to the community. We all progress when we learn from one another so here is me sharing my truth hoping to find more in the world.

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