October is a month of challenges

This month my blog has been filled with people taking part in Inktober where you do an ink drawing each day according to the prompt of the day. This is very much like the Ultra Learning that Scott H Young participates in. He has his own drawing challenge to see how much better he could be in such a short period of time. It’s surprisingly effective to do one task daily as part of your routine. I notice when I paint frequently or draw that my images do get a lot better.

It is also NaNoWriMo which stands for National Novel Writing Month. I have recently found 5 out of the 7 books I have written so far and printed them off so I have hard copies as I tend to break computers for some reason. Writing is what I need to do more and since I have unearthed some of my unpublished work I’m going to see what polishing needs to be done and show it to the world if it’s right for that particular piece of work. I’m progressing in my writing ability as all I need to do is look at previous work to see the errors that I don’t tend to make any more.

Stoptober is a health related challenge for this month. It’s stopping smoking which luckily I have never done and it’s also stopping drinking. I haven’t been drinking much as my husband has gone on a health kick since he wants to lose some more weight. He has a personal trainer, does an exercise routine at home and plays basketball ball twice a week with his mates. As he is not drinking anywhere near as much as before it’s quite noticeable.

Another challenge this month is Mental Health Awareness which is good because I definitely fall into the neuro-diverse category. I have been delving into mindfulness and analysing myself quite intensely. When you get rid of your bad habits you then have a vacuum until you fill the space and time with good habits. It is this in between time that is the most dangerous as you can easily lapse back into your previous behaviour. To this end I have been getting in contact with various life coaches as they provide a constant stream of affirmations to reassure you in the fact that you are making the correct decisions in overhauling your lifestyle in this way.

I have also been reaching out to those that I know to try to build more connections with people. I know I’m not naturally good at socialising because I’m not good at reciprocating communication. What this fancy term means is that I gave facts when they are not wanted and far too many of them. I overshare. Also I don’t give the information that people want as I don’t go out often to events or see people so I have no news to give to anyone. I basically talk like a business man which is very inappropriate when trying to connect with women. They like gossip but this is very harmful to others. So I’m constantly trying to bridge the gap and the majority of the time it feels more like a gigantic chasm. Imagine trying to traverse the Grand Canyon and you might come close to understanding what interacting socially feels like to me.

If I was in Greece right now it would be what I call friends month where everyone gets together over lunch or dinner to celebrate the success of the season and to congratulate everyone on a job well done. My in-laws have been meeting up with everyone to catch up before they leave to prepare for Christmas. I get updates from social media or my husband gets part business part social phone calls from his parents to keep us in the loop as to what is happening over there.

What measures do you use to maintain your health and well-being?

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