The misconceptions of Autism

Misconceptions of Autism

This videos demonstrates some of the key things that the neuro typical community believes as they have been told many times but refuse to stop believing it. You can compare it with telling us to do something in a particular way and not matter how you tell us we still cant get it. However you have an intact sense of executive functioning so there is no excuse for you not to be able to do this.

I do have the organisational skills and like things to be in order in the stereotypical way. However this is more due to anxiety and having a poor working memory though. I wasn’t born with any co-morbidities (other health conditions) as far as I know but I was born with Autism. There is no evidence to back this up but I believe it. I also had a fantastic mathematical ability unlike Krister but as a result of a traumatic brain injury I lost it so now I’m just like him. Also as a result of that same car accident at 17 I think I can add Dyslexia, Selective Mutism and ADD to that list. I haven’t been diagnosed with any of them but considering it took 17 years to get an Autism diagnosis I’m not going to bother. As you can see Autism is not static but evolves over the course of your life as you gain more abilities but lose others. Compensation is a thing your brain is good at due to neuroplasticity.

I did like the fact that he brought up the fact that every Autistic child has a seed of genius within them but it is utterly crushed and obliterated by the neuro typical community with their desire to see us confirm. They are so scared of how we might revolutionise the world so in their minds the only solution is demoralisation to the point of us being unable to continue. I know those thoughts as we have very lively imaginations and I was once told by my own father that if your so sick of living in this world why don’t you take yourself off to Switzerland. The context here is the euthanasia clinic there and I don’t think he was joking as while he makes a lot of jokes that is a rather serious matter.

I also watched another TEDX Youtube video The genetics of Autism that said while autism is perhaps caused by a single genetic factor in about 25% of cases; in the rest we haven’t a clue yet. She also showed a gene chart of approximately 200 different genes that they had so far discovered to have an impact on autism. This explains the wide variance that is present in autism and why it is called a spectrum.

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  1. I am quite sure I was born with it. Back in the bad old days, a woman with an autistic child would be blamed for it. They would accuse her of having been frigid towards her child and thereby stunting its emotional development. What a terrible thing to do!

    And then there was all that Thimerosal nonsense. But desperate people will clutch at whatever is offered when there is nothing more palatable in its place.

    I didn’t discover my biological family until just a couple of years ago. It would be tough for me to say if they had “spectrum” traits. Not quite fitting into society does seem to be a common thread though. I have a few quirks of my own that would have gotten me into trouble if I hadn’t hidden them.

    One thing I am tired unto death is of people calling it a disorder. Or comparing “healthy people” vs. “people on the spectrum”. The world has benefitted immensely from people who were – and are – “on the spectrum.” It is only a disorder if you simply can’t function. Otherwise, you are just different and it is the people who can’t accept different who have the disorder.


  2. Yes I agree with you in that people will come up with all sorts of nonsense to explain things. It’s why they tested 2 shapes going round a screen in a famous experiment and people came up with all sorts of stories when there was nothing there to begin with.


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