Right brained versus left brained

Most people will identify themselves as being controlled by one hemisphere of the brain more than the other. The right hemisphere is the creative part where as the left hemisphere is the one responsible for maths and language. As you might expect I am a left brain dominant kind of person.

This means that I am mostly logical but I can also but illogical since I am a woman. Women are usually right brained as far as I’m aware which is another thing that sets me apart from everyone else. There are a lot of male/female differences out there and they have been explored by scientists in many ways to find out how far they go. Some are physical, some are mental but I think a lot of them are cultural.

The current neuro diversity movement encompasses within it a gender diversity movement. I think it’s great that why are not allowing biology to dictate who we are. We are truly becoming free and breaking down all of the boundaries that have segregated people and prevented them from becoming who they are on the inside.

Through my acknowledgment of these ideas I am realising that no matter how hard I try to fit in or gain friends I probably never will have more than a handful spread across the world. I don’t have a great need for socialisation but I’m still human. I’m not asexual but my need for human connection is limited. I have spent the majority of my life alone but that is because the world is so overwhelming. I prefer to be solitary as then I can analyse everything to my hearts content. Here however I need to be careful so that I don’t get depressed. This is where human comfort is necessary to remind me that all of the deep, dark thoughts will not emerge out of my brain and into reality.

So thankyou to those that intuitively understand me.

Best wishes


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