Euthanasia for mental health reasons

I was shocked when I was reading an article online today that said for the past 15 years in Belgium and the Netherlands it has actually been to legal to kill yourself if you could prove that your life was unbearable from a neurological standpoint.

10,000 people have taken up the opportunity to end there life but this has only been questioned twice. The most recent was a lady who had recently been diagnosed with autism.

Now I know a diagnosis of autism is quite a lot to take in and makes you reanalyse your whole life but it’s not that bad. Things never get that bad. Life is for living and it’s glorious. I know autistics suffer from anxiety, panic depression etc as I’ve certainly dealt with my fair share. This is no reason to end it all as your just passing that negative energy into those around you. It’s much better to transform that energy into something positive.

It’s difficult to motivate yourself in the winter as you want to hibernate but you need something to live for. Whether it’s a pet, a neighbour or your plants, find it. I find exercise makes you feel so much better as it releases endorphins which make you feel better.Cooking a nice meal or spending time with friends or relatives is another idea to help you feel your best. It’s the simple things that everyone knows about that make you feel human.

Writing like I’m doing now is also good for expressing your feelings as you don’t want to let negativity settle inside of you. If you don’t remove it when it’s small it will fester and become a much bigger issue that’s harder to deal with later on. Indulging in books like the Little Prince can help you realise what you need to do in an almost unconscious fashion.

Painting is also good as it’s another unconscious activity that allows your brain to process its thoughts and make sense of them without interruption. The pictures can often be an inroad into the thinking of your inner mind. This will show you what is most important and then you can focus your energy in the best way.

In fact most craft activities and sports are right brained meaning they allow your logical left brain time off to wade through all of the material it has accumulated recently. If your anything like me then that is quite the backlog of unprocessed material. Once your brain has finished its data queue you will feel refreshed once more. This is why sleep is so important to your health. Mediation and mindfulness are good at keeping the backlog from overflowing.

Your health is the most important aspect of your life and you shouldn’t waste it trying to accumulate vast quantities of wealth. You need to look after yourself as you only get one chance at life. Make the most of it and if you need help don’t be afraid to ask for it. People are not mind readers so they don’t know how your really feeling inside if you don’t tell them.

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  1. It always be legal to kill oneself. Nobody can arrest you and prosecute you for it, regardless of the law. It may be illegal to try and fail.

    What has changed is whether you can get access to certain means to make it easier. Maybe even assistance.

    I am not in favor of easy suicide. People who are truly determined to die usually find a way. There is no shortage of high places, sharp implements, rope, and lethal drugs. There was even a bestseller on the subject. I’m an expert. I was someone who danced on the edge of suicide for many years in my youth.

    I can understand suicide for the terminally ill person who has nothing but increasing pain ahead of them. I have one friend who killed himself for that very reason. He had a choice between dying slowly from cancer or surgery that would leave him a quadriplegic. He had no living family. I’ m sure that suicide was a no-brainer for him.

    I am not sure what is meant by “unbearable from a neurological point of view.” When I think of neurology, I think of pain and motor control. They are apparently including mood disorders like depression. I don’t like that. Not only do I think it will cause people to die who might otherwise be saved but think of the political implications. If it is easier and cheaper to have people kill themselves than to give medical, psychological and pharmacological assistance, it becomes economical for the government to slack off on the standards, maybe even encourage it.

    Like the suicide rooms in Soylent Green. Google it.

    Making suicide easier encourages it. I want it to be difficult.


  2. I’ve watched Soylent Green but I never thought of them as suicide rooms even though that’s what they are. They had an episode of Sliders where they slid onto a world where if you got cash which was unlimited in supply from a machine but you could get a black card meaning you could have whatever you wanted as your were going to die in 24 hours.


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