Today I decided to upgrade this blog so that more people get the chance to read the information here as this blog is focused more on autism. I wrote an article on Greta Thunberg yesterday on my other blog and my stats creeped up more than usual after a week of autism posts. The same didn’t happen here when I did a week of autism posts for autism week in April but I guess YouTube posts are not that popular.

I have just had my first email after having it for 11 months (thankyou Larry). For financial reasons I have decided to discontinue that after its run out in the new year. Clearly nobody is that interested in my views if everytime I follow someone’s blog there informed of how to connect with me and they simply don’t. I have also decided to not continue the premium subscription on my other blog after it runs out in the new year because although I’ve had over 10,000 views, very few of these have translated into anything worthwhile. I still don’t sell books and therefore can’t maintain that expense.

I would like to be paid to help autistic people as a life coach but since monetisation is not a thing I can do, I’m going to struggle. I’ve tried to be a computer scientist, an entrepreneur, have side streams of income (EBay, Amazon, photos etc), a linguist, an author and an artist but I haven’t been successful in any of these endeavours. Back to the drawing board for me.

I’m sorry that this sounds depressing but realism really does hurt. It makes you reanalyse things that you thought you were good at and examine them objectively. The conclusion that I came to was that I haven’t grasped the lay of the land yet and I’m not likely to either.

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