The benefit of having the right type of conversation

By this I mean that everyone has there preferred conversation style. Some people like are infodump people. This is an autistic characteristic and therefore something that is not likely to change. I have tried endlessly to talk like others but it just doesn’t work for me.

I never learnt how to talk correctly because I grew up on a farm with just animals to talk to. My parents were far too busy although my mum did endlessly read to me. We didn’t watch tv much and in those there wasn’t much on. Could possibly argue that despite the huge amount of channels not much has changed there. Anyway I digress. When I got older it was always don’t talk while the tv was on as if watching tv was a holy ritual that needed to be absorbed completely. My parents are still like that and if you want to have a conversation they will pause the tv so that they don’t miss anything.

Everything in my family is very task oriented and therefore you always have to be busy. If you are not doing a task you are regarded as lackadaisical. A very big word to say your work shy. You are chastised (another uncommon word just meaning told off) for not speaking up but also frequently told to be quiet. It is like both of my parents never stop being in the army despite the fact my dad left before I was born.

As you can imagine this presents a lot of problems as if you don’t practice your language skills early on in life it creates a problem that can’t really be fixed later on in life. I have tried extensively as it has been documented on my blog.

I like talking to people to find out more about the world like yesterday I went to my first Indian wedding. Whilst there I talked to an Irish guy who was born with only one arm. It was fascinating learning about how his prosthetic arm worked and difficulties it presented with grasping and holding items.

Also recently I gave an interview to an American friend so that she could learn about cultures all around the world for a project she was completing for her MBA. She had so many volunteers that it’s going to take weeks to conduct them all. Especially if like mine the scheduled 10 minutes becomes 1hr 45.

Last night after the wedding I had an in-depth chat with my brother in law who is struggling with various health issues that I’ve also had and it’s getting to the point now where he needs medical help as they have been around for so long. It terrible to have dormant issues for that amount of time that you need to seek professional help to get rid of them. He has been living in Athens and the culture shock is becoming a bit too much for him. He is the most outgoing person I know but these personal issues are getting to him. He says that everyone needs a therapist which is why the church is such a big part of Greek life. The priest handles your confessions and “sins” so you feel reborn after talking to him. I liked the insight into Greek life with all its grimness that it contains. The reality for most Greeks is that they live in shockingly bad conditions and are very poorly paid. The austerity is just part of their everyday lives.

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