How to make friends and influence people by Dale Carnegie

This is one of those books that is well known and you know you should read but somehow you never quite get round to it. I was the same. I’ve come across numerous mentions of it’s usefulness from various sources but I was still lacking in motivation to pick up the book.

You can get hold of this book in blink form from Blinkist. By this I mean that they have condensed all of the ideas into something that can be read in 15 minutes. You can also listen to it on Audible. From the sample I have listened to it it has demonstrated to be why it has stood the test of time. It studied all the previous texts that were around at that time to distil the knowledge into a form that could be easily digested by today’s audiences.

This book is such a part of American culture that it turns up in television shows such as the Big Bang Theory and Young Sheldon. I can see why it would be useful to such people and it is fascinating listening to it. It presents the simple truths of how to make friends and influence people without complicating matters. If ever there was a book that autistics need to help them understand others than this is it. We innately understand how to be genuine but it gets lost under so many layers of barriers that have ossified for our own protection. A snail has its shell as does the turtle but ours prevents us from associating with anyone who hasn’t received the same treatment and therefore got the same issues.

If we treated autistic people better when they were children by Transforming Autism and accepted their differences. Then they wouldn’t be so isolated and unable to integrate with others. We do them a disservice by expecting them to conform to our way of life. Exclusion creates problems that take a long time to unpick. If we didn’t allow the monster to grow in the first place then maybe Autism is a gift or as Greta Thunberg says a superpower.

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