Curious by Micael Dahlén

This is a series of talks available for free from Audible. Here the Swedish economist Micael Dahlén from Copenhagen University explains odd things that we all know about the universe but have disregarded as just one of those things. It’s the kind of attitude that children have when they want to learn about the world.

I find it very interesting because I still have that kind of mindset. I think it’s good that there are also others in the world that share my passion for the unusual and are able to explore the reasoning behind these issues. It’s the kind of thing you might now ask Google when you are bored but you leave feeling unsatisfied as the answer doesn’t fulfil your need for understanding only having wasted some time, energy and effort.

He explores current events from a economic, social, psychological and technological point of view. It’s a mix that draws in a new expert each week for them to talk about their particular field of interest. This way it’s not just his viewpoint on a topic but the industry standard as well. It makes sure that all bases are covered.

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