Brain types

My brain type

I have been reading about an alternative scoring system for working out what you are naturally good at. It has all of the Myers Briggs personality mappings as well to help you find yours. Mine says that I’m a BEIL.

Back brained



Left brained

This describes me to a T. This also explains why I’m no good at anything in particular because my near fatal accident at 17 damaged the back of my head. I lost my mathematical ability, my ability to code and my chance to get a job and make money. I also had temporary paralysis on the left side and one of the areas I’m supposed to be most skills at is with my hands with fine motor control. Autism which I got diagnosed with then and there also affects your coordination as your body hasn’t a clue what is happening to it if your not looking at the item in question. This explains my inability to put on a seatbelt in a dark car, put on a necklace correctly, know which key goes in which lock without identifiers and drive a car.

It also says that I like family – well mine is about as dysfunctional as you can get so I don’t particularly like them but that’s there problem not mine. I would like a family but nature isn’t cooperating in that department.

It mentions to spend as much time outdoors as possible which is what I did when I was younger and when I go somewhere warm but isn’t possible in the uk winter. The reasoning for this is that it stops anxiety and panic from building up. The exercise and spending time with loved ones increases your dopamine which is the feel good hormone and it also regulates your Serotonin levels. This hormone is responsible for your circadian rhythm which is the sleep/wake cycle in relation to the sun.

When you use electronic devices the light from the screens disrupts your circadian rhythm as it tells your body you should still be awake so it won’t allow you to go to sleep. Scientists have found a third type of cell in our eyes and this is responsible for this new finding. It reacts to levels of light and was discovered when they analysed what happened to people exposed to blue light and bright lights in general around 10pm. The body suddenly wakes up as if it’s been activated simply by viewing the light source and I have personally experienced this many times before.

We also get an increased hit of dopamine every time we like a post on social media or interact with it which would explain why I use it so much. I still need that hit of hormones and if I can’t get it from human interaction which is frequently uncomfortable; technology takes its place.

In the UK the sun is not strong enough from October to March to make any vitamin D from it. This is bad news for our health as the majority of our intake comes from the sun. We struggle to get it all from our diet especially these days with the amount of processed food that is available. This is another factor that doesn’t seem to affect those in sunnier countries as they are not at risk of SAD or seasonal affective disorder. I seem to be affected by this more and more each year as there are many days when I never leave the house simply because I have no need to.

Omega 3 and fish oil was another area that was brought up as being highly important to me and it explains my recent love of fish. It’s not a thing I ever really eat in the UK because of our dwindling fish stocks but I need to for the sake of my health. Omega 3 is good for women and also for keeping your brain healthy and active.

As to magnesium I’m not sure on that yet but it wouldn’t hurt to try it out to see if it changed anything within me.

As a last note its interesting to see that people with these personality traits (BEIL) of which there are many, would pretty much be regarded as autistic. However, if you are able to socialise and communicate well that would demonstrate that you are well adapted to your environment. It would also explain how I was labelled as just eccentric for many years before getting my diagnosis. I don’t seem autistic to a lot of people who have just met me as initially you don’t see the deficits I have. The brain type test even gave me a high score on executive function which was very amusing because that’s precisely what I struggle with being autistic.

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