Associate energy

This is a theory where those around you inspire you onto do your very best. I was reading about this on Blinkist in one of my many waiting breaks but it takes my brain a while to process the material it’s absorbing. Later on it will then find a use for that information. This can be problematic as the moment it chooses to release the beast is often not a good one. I’m generally not able to write anything down so the spark fizzles out like so many of my ideas. Sometimes my energy and ideas overflow but without someone to progress them they too burn up in the atmosphere like a pretty firework never to be seen again.

I was also reading on Blinkist about the author of the Dilbert comics. He tried so many different ventures to become successful but each one of them failed. It was only when he took all of those previous experiences and combined them into his childhood hobby – creating comics that he became the man he is today. So I should take heart from the fact that I have suffered many setbacks in my life so far but it is fueling me and preparing me for what is yet to come. I have plans I just hope that they don’t get waylaid again.

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