Judging a fish by its ability to climb a tree

This is a thing that happens surprisingly often in our world. We expect people to fit into a lot of preconceived ideas that we have about them. Society says that we should be a certain way and obey the rules but innovation cannot happen without rule breakers. As with everything you have to learn which to obey, which to bend and which can be broken. The difficulty here is that each society has a different set and you only learn them by living in that particular area.

If you don’t fit in to society currently you are going to have difficulty finding a purpose and your place in life. You may suffer greatly from your mental health due to your inability to connect with others. Your need to create and change is strong but so is your desire to become part of a community. It is the balancing of your own thoughts with the needs of your body that takes time. Each thinks that they are the best and that they are in charge. You need a harmonious balance between the two to live your best life.

When you are young your body is the thing that is concentrated on most with your mind developing later. However if you are like me your mind is always the one that wants to be in charge. My body has spent the past 17 years fighting to be in charge but my mind has resisted. This is exhausting having to fight yourself, day in, day out.

The urge to procreate is so strong but if your not in a place to allow that to happen then that is torture forever. Contraception alleviates that pain but it creates its own problems as it’s unnatural. This is yet again man trying to control nature. This never ends well. When will we learn that we mess with nature at our peril?

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