The psychology of climate change

Yesterday while waiting for a friend to turn up I took advantage of some spare time to read some more books on Blinkist. There were on psychology as I like to learn how I and others tick.

In the Social Animal by David Brooks it has the blink entitled Rational Choice is Impossible without emotions. In it, it describes how that far from Spock being the ideal role model when it comes to decision making, he is in fact the opposite. It explains that without emotion you either make a foolish choice or none at all. You need your emotions as a compass to direct you where you need to go. They help you decide which path is the best path to take in life. I have seen countless evidence of intellectuals being aimless until they come across the love of their life and suddenly there all fired up like you have never seen.

I was later on having a discussion about Greta Thunberg as she is presenting at Davos right now on climate change. While I admired her passion and drive I thought she had the black and white thinking only possible in a) a child and b) an autistic one. While it’s good that she is drawing the world’s attention to the issues that we are currently facing, she is doing it in a way that is too simplistic. Sure it’s good enough for most politicians and she can get the better of people like Trump but it’s not enough to inspire real change.

The conversation went on to discuss Sting’s involvement in climate change in the 90’s when this movement really started to gain some traction. We talked about an interview he gave with Jeremy Paxman in relation to how he turned up at the studio. When questioned on the fact that he flew and that certainly contributed to global warming, Sting couldn’t say anything. We compared this to Greta Thunberg refusing to fly to New York to attend an interview. While this is better as it shows her sticking to her principles, it took her a week on a ship. That is a lot of time to devote to just arriving at a place where your going to be for only a short amount of time in comparison.

I’m not sure that Greta’s ideas, plans and motivations are yet fully formed because she doesn’t have the life experience necessary to be able to balance all of the different aspects that life contains. I await the South Park take on her as they will most certainly do a good job. They have already covered Aspergers so I think an episode on her and climate change will be good.

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  1. I agree with you about Greta. I think she’s being used and abused as a symbol by those far older and experienced than her, rather like Joan of Arc. It is proof that even a good cause can have Machiavellian people at the helm.


  2. The more things change, the more they stay the same!

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