My Dream

Last night I was thinking/maybe dreaming about last weekend when I suddenly decided to leave the pub as it got too noisy. In my thoughts I had someone screaming in my ear constantly which isn’t too far off from what listening to music that is too loud feels like for 3 hours. In the dream my friends take me outside as I’ve fainted due to having a panic attack as a result of the constant stimulation. This doesn’t surprise me as I have almost done this before leading to an emergency services call and a couple of paramedics checking my vitals to make sure I’m ok.

When I come to, I start speaking Greek and luckily I’m with a friend who while he isn’t Greek, can speak Greek. For some reason I can’t speak English despite the fact I am English and the dream takes place in England. So I’m having a conversation saying average polite things and including I have a pain in my head and my brain is broken to indicate I feel mentally unwell. I find this highly bizarre but there have been cases where people have woken up from comas speaking French which isn’t there native language. The dream continued with me staying overnight at theirs because of my current linguistic state but as soon as I tried to figure out why I couldn’t speak English or to say more than I knew how to express in Greek it ended. It’s almost as if by trying to control it too much and bring some everyday reality to it caused the bubble to burst. They do say however when you start dreaming in a foreign language is when you can truly speak it as it’s sufficiently in your subconscious.

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