A Life of Ice and Fire

This perfectly describes the ice that commonly flows in my veins which comes from my masculine outlook on life but also the fire that I have inside of me when I’m passionately interested in something. This is the best way I can think of to describe the coming together of masculine/ice energy and feminine/fire energy. You need both to function well in life and being born with an excess of ice when I according to society I should be filled with fire was not helpful. Even as I grew and the fire took hold of me, the ice was still the battling to regain its hold on me. Fire can be doused by water and if sufficiently cooled will retain to ice. This is what continually happened to me during my life when I was trying to let the ice melt. Ice however cannot turn into fire. It is an impossibility that even alchemists can’t fix.

Imagina Book 1 of The Fire of Life series

A Life of Ice and Fire my latest book and the 2nd in The Fire of Life series

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