How getting the opposite of what we want is actually what we need

I’ve been thinking quite deeply as I often do about life and realised that what we think we what isn’t always what we actually need in our lives. When I was younger I hated to write stories. It was in fact the bit I least enjoyed about English lessons. I didn’t have a very good imagination as I hadn’t experienced life. I could write about meeting the cast of Star Trek which I in fact did for an assignment but I couldn’t write about when I went to Comic Con to literally meet those people because I never did that sort of thing. There is quite a difference between characters in a show and the actors behind those masks but I was completely unaware of that.

Now I write all the time about whatever crosses my mind. It’s usually what has been bothering me lately or it could be influenced by what I read or watched recently. It could even be me documenting what I have dealt with in life over a period of time. Sometimes I’m promoting awareness of a particular issue that I feel has gone under reported or it could even be me trying to explain something to myself that resonates with others. Whatever it is I’m very grateful for the fact that while once I hated doing this and loved mathematics; now I love writing and dislike mathematics.

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