On letting others teach you

The most difficult lesson for an autistic to learn is that others might know better than ourselves. We are incredibly stubborn, motivated and driven to learn about our special interests but this does not make us rounded people. This does not allow us to connect with the world. Others have valid viewpoints and what they believe matters as well. They may even have spotted something that us in our single mindedness has missed.

It takes a great deal for us to acknowledge that somebody else might know more about a subject than us due to the amount of time we spend involved in our hobbies. We make things a lot harder for ourselves by not accepting outside help simply because we haven’t accepted that others have valid input in this area. Our own arrogance and ego is getting in the way of our progress.

As we mature and learn about ourselves, the world and our place in it; then we come to the realisation that we ourselves were creating a lot of the problems that we blamed on the outside world. Sure there are always going to be difficulties if we like something that the society around us disapproves of but we can go somewhere where that is tolerated. Attitudes shift over time as well so what was once thought of as distasteful becomes acceptable to practice.

When you have resolved your internal trauma and issues the world becomes a much nicer place to live in. However you can’t avoid all triggers always. Sometimes a different culture teaches you many lessons about yourself that you need to learn but you haven’t been able to figure out before. Sometimes you come across people that teach you so very much and continue to do so but there presence upsets you too much as you can’t handle that much information at once. This makes me sad as I want to include them in my life but I can’t see a way for this to have a positive outcome.

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  1. If one neutralizes one’s triggers and deprive them of their emotional power, the world is a much nicer place. Not only do you not get triggered any more but you stop wasting energy and anxiety over trying to avoid them.

    But alas! It is far far far more easily said than done. Determining to lose the trigger rather than avoid the trigger is the first step.


  2. Well said. That’s what I’m trying to do.


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