Heal on Netflix

This is an American self help program with input from many doctors in various fields including the famous Dr Joe Dispenza. I have been recommended many times to watch his TED talks on YouTube so I was pleased to find out his background and work in the show.

It also made me realise that as a child I dreamed about another world coexisting with ours on a frequent basis long before I read Narnia or His Dark Materials and I believe it was the world of quantum physics. I had no words to explain what I was experiencing so I rarely mentioned it. I knew I was destined to do something different, be something different but it never occurred to me that physics was the answer. I had 4 different physics teachers in 5 years I didn’t think I was any good at the subject. I believed biology to be gory as I was squeamish so I became interested in chemistry as it allowed you to discover the makeup of the universe. You could drill down to its constituent parts.

Fast forward a couple years and I’m recovering from a major car accident. I’m back at school doing all of the usual subjects but it’s not the same as I’ve changed . I still don’t seem to be any good at physics but I’m not as good as I once was at chemistry. I still don’t have a love for biology either. I’m yet to discover Richard Feynman and in fact I still need to read his book Surely your joking Mr Feynman. I’m discovering that my talents that I was just starting to understand have switched on me. I can no longer do what I thought I could and others have taken there place. I hear about the Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle but I don’t read it until last year. This was a wasted opportunity to learn here but I had so much going on in my life that it gets pushed away. I had counselling then but I didn’t see it’s benefits because I wasn’t ready to open up. I didn’t know myself at all and was very sceptical of the man whose job it was to look inside my head to see if everything was ok after what I had been through. Of course it wasn’t but I didn’t have the means to tell him this. I thought there was nothing wrong with me and I resented spending an hour or so with him per week so I stopped.

It would seem that often the things that are the most important to us personally like our own mental health gets pushed to the bottom of the to do pile and those that clamour the most for our attention get it. This could be one of our basic urges like sex or hunger or it could be work, a spouse or even our own children for they are reflections of ourselves. They are made of us and shaped by us but they are not us. We need to remember that everyone is there own person and they each have a right to express their opinion on what they want to with their lives. We may not feel that is the right decision for them to take but we need to resist micromanaging their lives. They need the freedom to make mistakes which I was always discouraged most strongly from. I was a fearless child up for anything but then I became an extraordinarily introverted one as I grew older and the world grew darker and more complex.

I’m now trying to undo some of the inhibition that was created within myself while still restricting other impulses to live a healthier, more productive life. Journaling helps me to do this as does reading and watching many different programs to allow my mind to process all that it has come into contact with.

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  1. “Surely your joking Mr Feynman” is a great read about the human side of the physicist. You will love it.


  2. I look forward to getting myself a copy and enjoying it throughly.


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