Melanie Beattie – The Language of Letting Go

Today I decided to start reading this book having seen many quotes from this. It’s an American self help book for those of you that don’t know her or her material. She has written many books on this subject to help herself as well as others cope with the traumas that are present in everyday life. It’s a daily devotional book meaning she gives you a topic to think about for the day along with some guidance on how to change if things are not how you would like them. There is space underneath to write down your own thoughts on the matter. I know some personality annotate each page when something has been sparked within them along with underlining key insights for themselves.

I liked the page on financial responsibility as that is something I have been working towards. Learning and understanding how money functions in your life and the world around you. If you can’t manage money then you can’t manage your life which was what I took from that page. I’m not taking enough responsibility for the income that I have therefore I’m not dealing with my cash flow well.

I particularly liked the quote from one of her other books Co – Dependant No More which said “When someone feels compelled to do something, it’s not that they don’t love you but that they don’t love themselves”. I’m coming to realise that I’m codependent so I went on to read some of that book as well to see what insights I could gather from its content.

The Language of Letting Go also covers topics such as letting the guilt and the shame of past actions go so that you can be the most authentic version of yourself. You are enough. Recovery is not only possible but necessary to go forward in life as your best self.

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  1. Financial responsibility Is a much underrated concept.


  2. A says:

    It is which is why there trying to teach it in schools and there is currently a big advertising campaign about it importance on tv.

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