Maslow’s hierarchy of needs

This is a 5 piece pyramid that shows the needs of a human from the base needs of food, warmth, shelter to the very top of the pyramid being self actualisation. Everyone is somewhere on this pyramid depending on there current situation. It demonstrates that human nature and culture isn’t that different after all no matter where or when you are from.

Lots of different versions of this exist and people today often put in the internet and give it an extraordinarily high ranking. This indicates our dependence on technology and it’s almost always to an unhealthy degree.

That’s why mindfulness and meditation is becoming extremely popular right now. Apps like Mindspace and Calm are rising up the rankings in our bid to reassure ourselves that we are not on the verge of a mental breakdown.

It’s also the reason for the surge in Americans and others becoming life coaches. These are people whose aim is to post daily affirmations based on the bible as there generally religious to motivate you to achieve your lives ambition. If this were all they did they wouldn’t make any money so they have sidelines in skincare, actual one on one coaching that you pay for and of course books, merchandise etc.

It’s good to connect with yourself as you realise what it is that you personally want out of life. You don’t need someone else to tell you but I will admit it is nice to receive advice on a daily basis about how you are enough, your stronger than you think and that you are doing just fine.

They are in fact like substitute parents and you never grow out of the need to have someone looking after you and looking out for you. It just changes as you change through life. This is perhaps why they are in vogue at the moment as we are so disconnected from our family.

Everyone needs a community around them. This need doesn’t stop when you become an adult. It’s there forever but because we travel so much finding out about who we are, we lose so much that is difficult to recover when we get back. We have to make those journeys to discover our nature but when we return we no longer fit in due to the growth that has happened so we feel like we need a new community now. It would be better if that community could adapt to the knowledge that has been gained to reaccept their member again but I think that’s wishful thinking on my part as usual.

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