How music can be calming

This is an interesting concept for me given how noise sensitive I can be. People who go to rock clubs have said how it’s actually peaceful to them to listen to the music that to me just seems like noise. In fact most of the socially anxious people near where I live all visit the same place which is known for heavy metal music. I can’t be doing with that as it’s ear splittingly loud. I can’t think, I can’t have a conversation, I can’t even just enjoy the sound as it’s so overwhelming to me.

When I was reading A Clockwork Orange at college the main character relaxes listening to classical music. I in fact spent some time listening to classical music this morning and it was calming, relaxing and peaceful. I don’t usually enjoy classical music but I guess it comes down to the pieces you choose as just listening to Classic FM is not the same.

Last night I was watching about how alternative doctors in America are using sound to tap into the frequency that a particular body resonates at. Then they can stimulate the para sympathetic nervous system to activate the bodies own immune system to begin healing itself from within. If you are a permanently stressed out pidgeon as some people say they are, you are always in fight or flight mode and that is very debilitating for you and your wellbeing. The nervous system is fantastic at responding to danger but we have no sabre tooth tigers threatening to eat us or Wooly Mammoths about to charge.

I have observed that music that repeats constantly can send you into a trance. This can be seen in a nightclub that plays trance, acid, house, d and b, jungle, or just plain dance music. You can also witness this if you go to any meeting that utilises Gregorian chants or Buddhist mantras. It’s all about escaping your mind and entering into a higher state of consciousness. Then we feel at one with the universe and at peace.

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