The purpose of religion

It is to unite us all under one roof as we are all the same hence we all eat the same communion wafers and drink the communion wine. Everything in the universe is composed of the same materials therefore we should all love and respect one another. All life is energy which is also matter in a different form as proved by Einstein in his famous equation E = MC2.

The idea that you should diet 3 times a year (Summer when food is plentiful, Winter as your about to have a lot of rich food and Spring so that your able to work well) keeps your weight in check on a yearly basis and the fact you should abstain from eating meat a couple days a week prevents you from gaining too much weight from animal fat.Eating fish once or twice a week has been proven to be extremely beneficial to our well being. A diet rich in fruit, vegetables and grain aka the Mediterranean diet where they are still highly involved with the Orthodox Church is known as the best diet and they are some of the healthiest people.

The coming together of the community on a weekly basis is very good for your mental health as things are not left to fester and all develop social skills which are necessary to function in the world. Having celebrations in the form of songs of praise practised at weekly mass, Weddings and Christenings are celebrations of the joy of life. Children are a blessing so we need to honour the occasions that involve them whether directly or indirectly.

The creation myths exists because to be human is to be curious. We all wonder where we came from, what our purpose is and where we are going to afterwards so this is to stop us constantly thinking about that which gives us existential anxiety. A society preoccupied with itself isn’t productive. Which is why we have laws like Thou shalt not kill which is basic human decency and ideals such as Thou should not covet your neighbours property etc to remember to be content with what we already have.

We all need to feel love and protection from the unexpected events of life so to reassure ourselves we created God (and we killed him too for he is only an idea as Nietzsche suggests); in many different forms (different cultures, different thinking) but ultimately as all knowing. He as it’s usually written for ease but being that he is most likely the negative energy (dark matter/anti matter or in easy terms all the emptiness currently present in space) in the universe helped us explain solar eclipses, earthquakes, floods and everything else that we didn’t have the language to explain to ourselves.

There are still mysteries present in our universe like how children come into being when there not planned for (bar the obvious acts/lack of precautions) and how they do not (considering nothing physically wrong) when they are wanted so much. I think this may have something to do with the as yet unexplained quantum nature of the world. For if everything is connected to everything else via quantum entanglement; absolutely anything in this life is possible. We just have to think it and then out of the blue it will materialise. This is often what happens with pregnancy.

Our minds are the most powerful organs in the solar system that we have so far discovered. This means we are capable of doing whatever we put our attention into but we get get stuck in negativity frequently as there are many unresolved actions stuck in a pile of unprocessed material. It is this backlog that prevents us from fulfilling our true potential as human beings not just human doings. It is therefore essential that along with our diet, connection to others, exercise and care for loved ones that we do not overthink. Prayer is a chance to meditate or practice mindfulness which we need to have a clear mind and the ritual of communion where you receive forgiveness is restoring to body and mind. We have to look after ourselves both mentally and physically to enjoy life to the full. Maintaining the body/mind connection is of the utmost importance. We only get this one chance so enjoy it while it lasts as it can be cut short as mine almost was.

I lived a good, healthy life as I was studious, kind to all and didn’t hurt anyone but I also didn’t connect to anyone. I could sense there pain but I didn’t know how to prevent it from affecting me. This lead me to avoid physical contact wherever possible. It was far too painful but that is no way to live your life. I was later remoulded so that it was easier to focus more on my relationships with people but I still have great difficulty with real meaningful connection to others . I’ve worked on my emotions, my physical contact and my communication skills but I’m still lacking clarity in finding that final step. I hope when this is resolved then I will be at peace with myself and my place in the universe.

Thankyou Steven Hawking and Brian Cox for this inspirational post and see the post I will complete later when I have finished watched The Wonders of the Universe.

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  1. Connecting is always the hard part for me. Not quite impossible but close. Others? It just comes naturally. Heavy sigh!


  2. Connecting is difficult but I can do it. Finding real connection now that is the diamond in the rough!


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