The Art of Abstract Design on Netflix

This is is a series on Netflix that has a look at innovators in widely different fields. I have written a couple of posts on different episodes that I thought were intriguing but this one is about the series in general.

The most recent episode I watched was on Tinker Hatfield and how he has been instrumental in designing the majority of the Air Jordan’s that have been sold over Michael Jordan’s career. As my husband loves basketball and got a pair of Air Jordan’s for Christmas I thought it would be cool to know the story behind them.

Each episode in each series is stand alone. They can cover such diverse topics as designing children’s play equipment leading to Japanese firms copying her designs, to theatre costume design for Marvel in the latest superhero movies. Biotechnology is featured also by professor Neri Oxman. These were all women so appealed to me.

Architects are innovators too regardless of whether they were instrumental to the rise of Instagram, the creation of new type faces and fonts which is surprisingly complex or a groundbreaking building by British architect Thomas Heatherwick. These were both men as you might expect.

So what ever your interested in, your bound to find something you like.

Best wishes


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