Inside Bill’s Brain : Decoding Bill Gates on Netflix

This is a 3 part series looking at the life of Bill Gates founder of Microsoft. I have followed Bill Gates from being a teenager and even wrote a 5000 word essay at college on the importance of him and his company to computing with an addition looking at the challenge that Google would bring to his dominance. In hindsight, he hasn’t faired well at all.

Episode 1 looks into a pet project of Bill’s and that is providing the world with good sanitation as plenty of people are providing access to clean drinking water. This is equally as important and when I first watched it; it inspired me to write Sanitation. I also thought about getting involved in that area for a short time until I remembered that on average Americans only get 2 weeks holiday per year, have to pay exorbitant amounts of money for their medical care not to mention the state of the American food industry. No thanks.

Episode 2 examines his childhood and what inspired him to get into computing and then to build Microsoft. He looks into the partnerships that were created that allowed this to happen. I naively believed that I could recreate that kind of success for myself without having that kind of start in life.

Episode 3 casts it attention on climate change and global warming. I wrote about this too on my articles about The psychology of climate change and Greta Thunberg. The show also mentioned that Gates has a think week where he secluded himself from everything and everybody to just read. He gets through a lot of material this way. I find it useful to live a lot of my life this way to process the interactions that I have with people and the world.

Are there any icons that you have looked up to in the past?

Best wishes


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