These are things that we all have yet we don’t tend to acknowledge them very often. We all know about the crazy things that pregnant women but if you are autistic you are far more aware of what your body wants. The fact you are often unable to articulate this leads to many food battles. We intuitively know what we want to eat but until we have developed sufficient language skills we cannot tell anyone this. Babies and toddlers have this problem and it’s not until a woman becomes pregnant that she seems to reconnect with her bodies needs. However this knowledge seems to be lost when the baby is born since we all become sleep deprived and therefore revert to old habits. This shows the importance of having a clear head devoid of previous unresolved issues.

I have noticed recently that when my hormones rise not only do I nest, have negative thoughts, think about certain things and people repeatedly; I crave salt. Now that I know why I occasionally really like sushi and seaweed, anchovies, truffles and other things it makes a lot more sense. When my husband went skiing this year I decided to cook for myself to experiment with various things. During that period I ate trout, salmon, prawns, sea bass and haddock. I don’t usually eat anywhere near that much fish apart from in Greece when we go out to dinner every Sunday because of the work schedule.

Also I get cravings for dairy on a regular basis. I had a feeling this was for calcium but I’m not sure. It may actually be for fat as I ate mozzarella which can be cow or buffalo milk, feta which is sheep and goats milk, Saganaki cheese which is the same and Parmesan which is cows milk. These are also quite salty.

Halloumi also is part of this and is again not made from cows milk. I thought I would see what would happen if I stopped eating chicken and beef mince and ate more fruit and vegetables. I also stopped drinking cows milk and started drinking barista plant milk either almond or oat. I don’t like soya and since it needed to be formulated for hot drinks that limited what I could buy. I was much healthier as a result of this but the cost was astonishly high!

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