I am a terrible hoarder. I am also a kleptomaniac. This comes in handy with dealing with this pandemic as I haven’t needed to buy many things. I already have everything several times over. It also means that now I can’t go anywhere or buy anything I will be saving money.

I can’t help being this crazy obsessive weirdo that I am but at least I’m not worrying about not having enough supplies to last. Since I don’t go out much anyway I don’t really need to change my lifestyle much which is good as I’m change adverse. The problem with this is I would like to get more and see more people. I still don’t get on well with people as I’m always inadvertently rude riding roughshod over conversational etiquette without even realising. The world has been turned upside down and it took me long enough to try to figure this one out but hopefully the world will be remade in a much better way when this is all over.

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