Today’s revelation

I realised that to deal with the awkwardness of conversation with friends after the initial greeting I use humour. This works well with guys but absolutely bombs with girls. Also, when you have made a faux pas there is no going back and the person will be less inclined to share information with you. They will also be less receptive to any information to wish to give them. I still haven’t figured out a good icebreaker for girls since I indulge in so few feminine activities.

In these times of social distancing which is now being called physical distancing with social connection I’m very glad were all not allowed to touch each other by way of hugs and kisses. However, it does make conversation rather odder than usual as there is no protocol yet established here. Your almost scared to ask how are you and what are you doing now knowing most people are no longer commuting to work. There are no socialising options or events so you can’t ask how was the birthday party/pub/theatre etc.

Not having a schedule gives you a lot of free time which I’m used to but dealing with the disappointment of a cancelled events like hen dos, holidays and possibly even weddings is a new one for me. Since it’s likely too dangerous for me to learn to drive or get a bike I truly am stranded since public transportation isn’t running. Not that anything is open to visit but with the fact that my bus pass is running out at the end of the month and no chance to get it renewed means I’m isolated even more than usual. My benefits are up for renewal as they have changed the criteria and I’m no longer autistic enough to qualify. That in itself is ridiculous because I didn’t suddenly become unautistic.

While this pandemic is reassuring because the end of the world I was inadvertently preparing for is happening and the changes I wanted to see in the world are going to finally happen; it’s disturbing in that things could very easily go back to the way they were before as this is what happened after the Great Plague and Fire of London that occurred in subsequent years.

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