Today it came to me all of a sudden why British women adore Greek Men. They listen. They also happen to be awesome therapists because of this. This of course changes if you get involved with them as shown on the Durrell’s between Mrs Durrell and Spyros the taxi driver.

I have had a great need to talk to people over the years but because of my communication difficulties this has meant that there has been a lot obstacles placed in my path. So I took what I could get in terms of solace. However this is rather dangerous if your obsessive like me. The smallest bit of kindness is amplified so that you totally fall in love with them almost to the tune of Stockholm syndrome. They are the only one your interested in to the exclusion of all others. Your so grateful for the attention and being listened to that they are all you can think of. You have been so neglected and sidelined by others that this ray of sunlight makes you desperate for more. It consumes you how to spend more time with them, know more about them and just generally being in there presence. There reassuring so they end up looking good, smelling good and feeling good too. Yes you can even overcome your aversion to touch and even kisses in this way. It’s not healthy all of this but it does showcase that you have a deep psychological need that isn’t being met and your keeping this person in your life to try to fix that. They try there best to distance themselves and not to offend you/hurt your feelings but autistic obsession can only be stopped by themselves a bit like depression. When the underlying problem has been resolved then there is no longer an unhealthy attachment.

As a side note it seems if you are a woman you can just randomly phone up others for a chat if your lonely yet when I’ve done this previously it hasn’t worked too well so I stopped. I need to carry on talking to people on a regular basis. As much as I love writing you just don’t get the feedback.

I think I’ve been laboring under the impression that phone calls are for a certain purpose to communicate a specific thing or to organize something not just general chit chat.

Right now social media is so dull as everyone is inside so there is more sponsored content than actual content with memes taking up pretty much all the space. People have very little to share since they are not doing attention seeking selfies anymore.

I think we are going to see the birth of a new world where we all talk to each other again and have community spirit like they do in less developed places before technology took over. Technology is mostly what I’ve known but my childhood was carefree and I have often wanted to return there. In a way my life is that of a child and I have disliked that but only because society disapproved. It was society that was sick but I was powerless to change it. Greta tried but Coronavirus has done her bidding in a way she couldn’t possibly imagine would be so effective. The world as we know it is ending which is brilliant because it was so wrong it was unbelievable.Autistics know this but nobody has been listening until now.

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  1. You might really enjoy the film “Shirley Valentine .” 🙂


  2. I watched it. It’s a fun movie along with the 2 my big fat weddings.


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