God is the ultimate placebo

If you look at people that go to faith healers then they are looking for a miracle cure and that is them saying I need to achieve self actualisation. By entering this meditative like state then I will be able be able to help myself but because I don’t truly believe in myself I need you you to do it for me. Then I will call this a miracle for I could not do this on my own.

If you look at all the magnificent cathedrals that have been built all around the world and especially the Vatican; these are all built for the glory of God or our own egos. We draw up the plans, get the materials and build but if something goes wrong we say it’s God’s will when it’s more likely structural or metrological. I am very much of the mindset that Stephen Hawking is in that there is always an explanation for everything. There is in effect no such thing as magic just stuff we don’t currently understand.

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