Autistic communication

I was watching a video today and it explained about echolalia, palilalia and verbal stimming.

Now for those that don’t know echolalia is the repeating new words exactly as they have been said to us so that we can replicate the sound. This often comes across as us mocking the individual that just spoke but that’s not what’s happening here.

Palilalia is the constant repeating of the same phrase. Like asking a question 4 times. I think pop artists sometimes suffer from this. I don’t have this thankfully. Might be useful for people to understand me though.

Verbal stimming is the repeating of your favourite phrases. I think most couples do this as do families and comedians. However with autistics it’s comforting and reassuring and relaxing as you don’t have to think.

I was also think that autistics don’t often communicate with their mouths using words. There much more likely to communicate with their eyes like deaf people do. They also tend to communicate with their hands and their bodies very much like Southern Europeans normally would.

  • Language for autistics is very much bound up with our emotions for if we are feeling stressed we find it difficult to talk. However, there are many mores issues at play here
    • like what the people surrounding us are feeling,
      what is the situation we’re currently in,
      what do we personally feel about this,
      our knowledge of the language(s) we’re trying to speak,
      what we know about the subjects being talked about,
      our level of interest in those things
    1. plus are we tired,
    2. feeling a little under the weather,
    3. frustrated,
    4. sad,
    5. bored,
    6. angry,
    7. Scared,
    8. Hungry,
      or even full of hormones,
      been drinking
      or otherwise distracted(work etc)?

    I wrote a whole book about this –

    Communicating with autistics

    and I’ve written a couple of articles –

    Why reading and talking are so difficult for autistics,

    Autism is a social communication issue

    about this but I’m still not communicating this well as there not successful. I’m also not a success either in communicating as I freak people out by phoning them and feel unable to speak in foreign languages despite having everything else in place. I have worked on removing my blocks but because of my delayed processing of language I can’t respond fast enough or in a relevant way that is understood.

    I’ve studied French and Spanish at school, I’ve studied and lived in Greece and still I’m practically monolingual. Autism can be irritating especially with anomaly’s like Daniel Tamnet who can speak every language in a matter of days.

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