Circus of Books on Netflix

This is an 18 show about the media store that used to be open in California. This was run by a Jewish couple for 30 years until it stopped becoming profitable because they didn’t wish there children to know what they did for a living. They were slightly ashamed but they were very important front runners in this particular area. The sense of community that the place brought to its clientele was amazing. It was a safe space in a cruel, unforgiving world. It was eye opening to see how it’s staff and customers were decimated by disease and backward legislation. The owners almost went to jail for providing this service. As America is highly puritanical in its Christian beliefs, it’s against what the majority of people thought should be available for sale.

The personal side was also very interesting because the parents were completely unaware that there own son was part of the target market that they were catering for. He was so afraid of himself that he would go out of his way to be like everyone else. He was hiding who he truly was by being busy. He was occupying his thoughts and his time. His mum had to re-examine her attitudes towards the business she was involved in. She could cast a blind eye towards the content of the material in her shop but she couldn’t ignore her sons beliefs. Even though they contrasted sharply with her deeply seated religious beliefs.

From the acceptance that she and her husband gained from learning about who there son was; they started a community group to help other parents accept there children’s diversity. It has helped with activism in the community as well. Awareness helps to bring acceptance. This then changes laws to become more friendly towards others who don’t fit into society because they are different from the majority in some way.

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